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Designed and manufactured by and under supervision of UK: Scientific Director Professor of Medical Microbiology and expert in silver ion technology. & Consultant Dermatology Nurse Specialist and an expert in skin health and infection control.

We offer: Washable & Antimicrobial Face Coverings

E-C triple-layered face masks contain a silver-impregnated fabric in the middle layer, and are designed to provide public and personal protection. As government guidelines now advise wearing a face mask in many different establishments, it’s important to have a quality face mask with optimum protection.

Silver fabric used in our face masks can kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Every face mask is made from polyester cotton to provide comfort and breathability, and can be washed up to 200 times.

Together with silver ion technology, E-C face masks provide an antimicrobial, odourfree layer to increase protection. The masks are activated by moisture, allowing the silver to release ions which kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. You can activate your masks by either a splash of water on the activation patch, and moisture from your breath will then help to maintain the silver ion technology.


Wearing a mask reduces transmission of aerosols and airborne infectious disease from person to person.

It is a crucial part of a holistic strategy to suppress transmission of viral infections such as COVID-19 and save lives.


Silver has been added to a range of fabrics to improve safety, hygiene and product longevity.
E-C face coverings have an internal silver ion impregnated layer which is activated by moisture.
Moisture from your breath will maintain activation during use, meaning they can be worn for extended periods.

Not all silver fabrics are the same. Our products are impregnated meaning the silver doesn’t leech out into the environment over time and remains active within the mask.

E-C Activator Spray

Every Cloud Breathe Easy Spray £12.95

Every Cloud Hand Sanitiser £2.99

Every Cloud Wash Bag