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Online Skin Consultation Form

Hello..... you are in the right place, thank you for visiting our virtual consultation room, we are here to help! Take our free online skin consultation to receive professional advice from skin expert on which of our products are right for you and best suited to your skin type. Here we want our customers to feel their very best when it comes to your skin. Simply select from multiple choice answers and type directly in the boxes, submit your form and one of our skincare pro's will get back to you.

Vitamin A progressive retinol system

Our progressive Vitamin A renewal cream skin system introduces Retinol to your skin in stages to promote cell production, normalise skin function and promote collagen and fibroblast synthesis whilst minimising the likelihood of the irritation associated with Retinol. We have formulated the system by stripping back the cream to just the active ingredients to give you the best results from your skin care routine.
We may need to contact you via email regarding your skincare regime upon placing your order due to the high levels of active vitamin A. Our recommendation is to work through the step system.

"Clever sophisticated formulas that offer your skin complete support"

We distribute and manufacture in private label as well, all our stock in house, we are the only distributor of our clinical and home care products, we supply direct to you offering affordable pricing which means more profit for your business. We have easy ordering systems, once your account is set up simply email us your order and we aim to dispatch the same day using next day local couriers.

Get in touch if you would like to receive one of our brochures, Pricing and more information on our clinical range and home care range.

We offer for your business needs:

Comprehensive introductory kit including chemical peels, ​Product training packs with detailed product protocols manual
CPD ACCREDITED Online chemical peel training course with certificate.
Training website with downloadable client forms
  • Professional images for your website
  • Marketing material and marketing tools
  • Samples for in clinic clients
  • Beautiful point of sale materials
  • Product home care booklets
  • Promotional LABthetics posters
  • Retail gift bags
  • On-going support
  • Easy ordering systems
  • Low order Start up packages

The types of cosmetic products that we manufacture are:

  • Face masks
  • Face peels
  • Cleansers
  • Toners
  • Moisturisers
  • Serums

Facial treatments

Enzyme mask facial is a relaxing gentle resurfacing facial offering gentle exfoliation. A relaxing facial to calm the mind with deep cleansing and exfoliation to clear blackheads and pores and reduce breakouts. Can be combined with microdermabrasion or micro needling using our LAB Hyaluronic Acid serum and Vitamin B serums to lock in moisture and reduce redness and irritation.

Enzyme Mask Facial

A antioxidant rich indulgent facial packed with Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid to boost skin rejuvenation. This facial can be combined with dermaplaning to aid the penetration of the topical glow serum.
  • Glow and Rejuvenation
  • Express Chemical peel
Lasting around 20 mins after skin consultation this facial is a perfect quick pick me up with no downtime a perfect lunch hour treat.

Hydration Chemical Peel

A mild hydration Chemical peel containing 40% LACTIC acid to gently resurface the skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells and stimulate collagen and cell renewal. This treatment can be combined with LED light therapy. Improves overall tone and texture of the skin.

Glycolic Chemical Peel

A 40% GLYCOLIC Acid peel best for anti ageing and to treat acne. Improves overall skin texture and tone, improves the appearance of pores and fine lines. Finished with a luxury rescue mask. This treatment can be combined with LED light therapy.