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As a contract manufacturer we don't have a standard set of products as such or at least don't hold stock, we tend to manufacture to specific orders but as you can imagine we make almost every type and combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements you can think of. A quick summary of capability and technology is as per the below, our web site is and from a quality perspective we are both BRC Grade A to Global Food Version 8 certificated and approved by the Soil Association as a manufacturer of organic products.


  • Swallowable
  • Film Coated
  • Chewable
  • Single and combination vitamin, mineral and herbal extracts.
  • Packed to pots and tubs


  • Syrups
  • Oil blends
  • Emulsions
  • Liposomes

Hard Capsules

  • Size 1, 0, 00 gelatin and HPMC
  • Packed to pots and tubs

Packed to pourable bottles, sprays, droppers, drippers and single dose shots. We can also supply bulk IBC's for sachet or other packing.

We can supply samples of these various products and we develop bespoke formulations in our lab for clients as required.

Over the years we’ve worked for and with numerous household names in Health & Beauty, assisting in developing products, manufacturing and offering technical and consultancy services.

Whether you are a multinational requiring technical input or a start-up seeking assistance in taking their idea forward, our highly experienced team can assist or provide advice.

In addition to the vast number of Nutritional Supplements we manufacture for clients, above is a selection of some of the products we have developed for various successful brands.



As a contract manufacturer examples of the types of products that we develop and manufacture.
  • Toothpaste & Mouthwash
  • Probiotic Products
  • Multivitamin liquids and sprays
  • Vit D drops and sprays
  • Vit D & A drops and sprays
  • K2 drops and sprays
  • Magnesium spray
  • Calcium liquids
  • Iron liquids
  • Biotin spray
  • Omega 3 liquids
  • RTD collagen shots
  • Collagen liquid to dilute
  • Collagen powders (pots/stick packs)
  • Herbal formulations
  • Cough syrups
  • Folic acid syrup
  • Powder formulations (pots, pouches, stick packs)
  • Glucomannan formulations

We are opening a new liquids manufacturing unit it will produce a full range of liquid food supplements including syrups, sprays, droppers etc.

We develop and manufacture liquid versions of supplements that have traditionally been sold in tablet/capsule form.

Liquid supplements are easier for the elderly and young to take
Liquid supplements can be made to taste nice (children enjoy taking them)
Liquid supplements in spray form when sprayed into the mouth are absorbed more quickly than through the stomach

Liquid supplements can be supplied in medicine bottles, dropper bottles with dropper inserts or pipettes, dropper bottles with syringes

We also blend and pack powdered products
We can pack powders to jars, pouches and also stick packs
Powdered stick packs are suitable for single serve and can be carried in a hand bag/gym bag etc
All our operations are ambient i.e. we do not undertake Pasteurisation or sterilisation of any form.

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