We pride ourselves on the high quality of the services we provide. Understanding the financial aspects of foreign trade during implementation of first consulting projects is key to our success.

We are in the business of transforming your company, through our knowledge of the culture, needs.

This makes communications simpler, helping to build business relationships and steering your company in the right direction with minimum hurdles. Our expertise focuses in cost reduction while never compromising on quality. We believe in enhancing the business environment and relation for a long period of time for mutual benefits.

We specialise in procurement services:

  • Food and Drink - Organic
  • Products available in bulk and consumers' packaging,
  • Veterinary equipment / medicines / supplements
  • Private-label: We provide products and services, _also known as "phantom brands",_ manufactured and supplied in your own Brand.
  • Environmentally friendly products, recyclable, Dental Floss toothbrush available. For further information, please complete Contact Us form, or email: sales@mil-uk.co.uk
  • We are opening a new liquids manufacturing unit it will produce a full range of liquid food supplements including syrups, sprays, droppers etc. Please complete Contact Us form or email: sales@mil-uk.co.uk
  • General trading: Please visit: www.generators-uk.com
  • We supply wide range of products: generators petrol, diesel, natural gas and associated switchgear and a complete range of UPS and Emergency lighting equipment together with associated switchgear,
  • Water and irrigation equipment
  • Consultants in Oil, Gas, Power Supplies, Energy, Infrastructure and Transport, Water supply, sewerage engaged in providing from pre-feasibility studies engaged in providing pre-feasibility studies to commissioning of projects.
  • Medical equipment / pharmaceuticals / OTC, Dentistry
  • Pet Natural Supplements - Hip & Joint for small, medium & large dogs & cats, Derma Hairball, L-Lysine, Calming Support, UT Support. Skin & Coat. For more information visit www.pureandwholesome.com
  • CPD Certificate Services: Skin care products, full range, please click here to view full details.
  • Face Masks - Designed and manufactured by and under supervision of UK: Scientific Director Professor of Medical Microbiology and expert in silver ion technology. & Consultant Dermatology Nurse Specialist and an expert in skin health and infection control.


BRCGS Certified: Tablets: Toothpaste and Mouthwash, Liquids and Hard Capsules, please click here to view full details.
CPD Certificate Services: Skin care products, full range, please click here to view full details.



.... Each food supplement is manufactured in exactly the same manner as medicines in a GMP environment. The production and packaging phases adhere to strict European regulations guaranteeing meticulous control throughout the entire manufacturing process. From the choice of raw materials to the packaging stage, each step is carried out in harmony with the environment and people.
IMO's manufacturing methods are aligned with the highest quality standards and each product undergoes the most stringent clinical and laboratory tests.
The IMOpro line is the result of research stemming from the selection of natural and certified quality ingredients, which then passes through a rigorous formulation process.
All IMOpro products are multi-component and -target. Thanks to their balanced nutritional and physiological substance compositions, a single clinical manifestation can be supported by a range of different products. Each one acts in synergy with each other, to better support the normal rebalancing of physiological functions, helping to tackle the individual or multiple root mechanisms at the core of the overall pathological picture.





Designed and manufactured by and under supervision of: Scientific Director Professor of Medical
Microbiology and expert in silver ion technology. & Consultant Dermatology Nurse Specialist and an expert in skin health and infection control.

Essential Oils ... Now Available

We offer high-end professional services for blending Essential Oils, please specify your thoughts through Contact Form.

Some of the examples of our popular current blends:
Pre- Blended Massage Oil Blends in 100ml & 500ml Clear Recycled PCR Bottles
Ready to use in a range of 5 blends that feature our Happiness, Energising, Relaxing,
De-Stressing and Pre-exercise warm up mixes. Ideal for a massage or even just a drop on your neck.

Base Massage Oils in 250ml Pump Action Bottles
A choice of 5 of our Popular Massage Oils in a handy 250ml pump action bottle.
Perfect for mixing with our Essential Oils.

Mood Blends of Essential Oils. Beautifully blended Essential Oils that can be used with one of our pure massage Oils
or even a few drops can be applied into your diffuser. 7 Blends to suit your mood.

Our Essential Oils.
These are our 19 top selling essential oils. All come in 10ml Tamper evident Blue Glass dropper bottles.
They are perfect to be used to complement our massage oils.
Also excellent for use in diffusers. For other sizes or bulk purchases let us send you a quotation.
Enquire via our contact page or directly to info@mil-uk.co.uk

A Beautiful Ready to use, Massage Starter Gift Set
Packaged in a good-looking Hessian Jute bag, that measures 13cm x 10cm x 19cm,
with sturdy handles we have a great ready to use Aromatherapy Gift Set.

Comprising: -4 of our Beautiful Pre-Blended Massage Oils ready for use, each in a handy flip top 100ml PCR recycled bottle.
Energise, Relax, Happiness and De-Stress blends.

Anti-Microbial Hand Soap
In an attractive 250ml pump action bottle. Made with pure Essential Oils in a blend of Lemongrass,
Tea Tree and Geranium giving you a wonderful sweet Citrus aroma.

Essential Oils Wholesale & Private Label Not all essential oils are created equal. From farm to bottle we offer therapeutic grade bulk essential oils that are 100% pure. Never before have you been able to sell your own brand of high quality, custom and private label essential oils. As your private label essential oils manufacturer we can provide you with quick turnaround times and impressive in house professional graphic designers and bottles brand design. We take pride in being meticulous with every detail of your project.
Because we offer wide range of capabilities, we can easily provide you with large quantities at volume pricing.
We offer only the best essential oils,which will allow you to provide your customer with the highest quality product.